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Welcome to THF, your ultimate source for everything Tom Hiddleston. Thomas William Hiddleston,born 9 February 1981, is an English actor. He's perhaps best known for playing Loki in the 2011 action movie Thor. This fansite features such awesome content as exclusive news, photos, videos, fan art and so much more! If you have some content (video/photo) which you'd like to share with my fansite, please send them me through email or submit them in a message.
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By VipVictor on February 6, 2013 • 1 Comment

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Over the weekend, it emerged that Mark Wahlberg and his CGI bear chum Ted were going to present an award at the 2013 Academy Awards – but all that’s been overshadowed by the news of five Avengers stars agreeing to do the very same.

Those excited to see Scarlett Johansson and Chris Hemsworth in their finest duds on stage will have to take a deep breath however, as it’s only the five other leads who’ve been officially confirmed by Academy Award show producers Craig Zadan and Neil Mero.

The specific golden bald man Samuel L. Jackson, Robert Downey Jr., Mark Ruffalo, Jeremy Renner, and Chris Evans will be handing out together hasn’t been announced as yet, but it’s interesting to note just how far the producers are willing to go to get younger viewers tuning in.

Whether The Avengers stars will turn up in their characters’ outfits remains to be seen – in your dreams, perhaps? – but it’s definitely another good reason to tune in once Sunday February 24 comes along.

P.S. If you’re looking for a taste of what to expect from host Seth MacFarlane on the night itself, here’s one of the teaser YouTube clips he’s been releasing of late, designed to tie in with both the 50th anniversary of Bond celebrations and Adele’s planned performance of Skyfall on the evening itself. Warning: may offend both Bond and cocktail fans… [source]

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By VipVictor on August 21, 2012 • 2 Comments

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Today were released the bloopers of The Avengers, a 4 minute video full of awesomeness. The DVD and Blu-Ray discs will be released in a week’s time (August 28th 2012). The video was posted on youtube (and shortly afterward deleted – but here’s a tumblr link for the video : CLICK HERE), but i made lots of screencaps (sadly enough the video was not HD). Check out the new “Bloopers” album from my “The Avengers” category of my fansite’s gallery!

Click the photo for the new photos:


Click this link to check out the album:

Movies & Tv Shows > Movies > The Avengers > Bloopers

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By VipVictor on July 26, 2012 • No Comments

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I’ve uploaded 4 new HQ photos from the promo on set photos of the making of Marvel’s The Avengers movie! Hope you like them! Check them out, also i will be away for 2 weeks, but when i come i will upload exclusive HD screencaps from the 3 episodes of BBC’s “The Hollow Crown” and some other awesome new photos! Also don’t forget to LIKE my fansite on Facebook and FOLLOW it on Twitter and Tumblr!

Here are the exclusive new photos:

Movies & Tv Shows > Movies > The Avengers > On Set

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By VipVictor on June 29, 2012 • 1 Comment

Here is the new exclusive trailer for the upcoming Blu-ray release of The Avengers! The trailer is packed with most amazing moments from the film! I also updated my gallery album of this movie, so be sure to check that out as well! “Marvel’s The Avengers” hits Blu-ray September 25!

Check out the gallery HERE : The Avengers

Here is the trailer:

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By VipVictor on June 29, 2012 • No Comments

Pre-order the “Marvel Cinematic Universe – Phase One: Avengers Assembled” Blu-ray box set now at http://www.phase1avengersassembled.com/, and get a sneak peek in this special preview!

PS: Here’s an amazon link for the pre-order : http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0083SBMGW

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By VipVictor on April 22, 2012 • 1 Comment

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These past weeks the cast of “THE AVENGERS” has been promoting their new hit project worldwide, and they’ve been in Hollywood, London, Rome and Moscow. There’ll be more, but for now i’ve uploaded all the exclusive photos from the red carpet events, and from the photocalls! Hope you like the new photos! Don’t forget to check out the film in the cinemas of your city on May 4th!

Click the links to check out the photos :

Photoshoots > Photoshoot #49
Candids & Appearances > The Avengers Rome Photocall
Candids & Appearances > “The Avengers” Premiere in Moscow
Red Carpet & Events > Marvel’s “The Avengers” World Premiere
Red Carpet & Events > “Marvel’s The Avengers” Fan Event – Los Angeles
Red Carpet & Events > The Avengers Premiere in London
Red Carpet & Events > “The Avengers” Premiere in Moscow
Red Carpet & Events > “The Avengers” Premiere in Rome

Hope you like them! If you ever want to share some HQ photos with my blog, just send them in an email!

PS: Here are some videos from the premieres:

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By VipVictor on April 17, 2012 • No Comments

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The film clocks in at over two hours, but there was much more still to see…

‘Avengers Assemble’ director Joss Whedon has revealed that he cut one of the best scenes from the forthcoming movie.

The director told the New York Times that the scene was cut because it was ‘killing the rhythm’ of the film.

In an interview, he revealed: “One of the best scenes that I wrote was the beautiful and poignant scene between Steve and Peggy [Carter] that takes place in the present. And I was the one who was like, Guys, we need to lose this.”

In last year’s World War 2-set ‘Captain America: The First Avenger’ Steve Rogers became the titular hero and fell in love with Agent Peggy Carter.

The film ended with Rogers being woken up having been frozen for sixty years, meaning while he hasn’t aged at all, Peggy would be in her eighties.

The footage is part of 40 minutes’ worth of material that hasn’t made it into the final cut of ‘Avengers Assemble’.

Whedon told Collider.com that the film was originally scripted and shot to a length of almost three hours, before being cut down to two hours and 20 minutes ahead of release later this month.

Explaining his decision to cut a scene set in Captain America’s apartment, he said:

“I had quite a little sequence built of Cap not relating to the world and feeling his isolation and as we got closer and closer, we realized, when he’s punching that bag, he’s pretty much telling us everything we need to know.”

The director confirmed that most of the edited footage would be included on the DVD release later this year.

‘Avengers Assemble’ is released in the UK on 26 April. (source)

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By VipVictor on April 13, 2012 • 1 Comment

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By VipVictor on April 12, 2012 • No Comments

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By VipVictor on April 10, 2012 • No Comments

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