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Welcome to THF, your ultimate source for everything Tom Hiddleston. Thomas William Hiddleston,born 9 February 1981, is an English actor. He's perhaps best known for playing Loki in the 2011 action movie Thor. This fansite features such awesome content as exclusive news, photos, videos, fan art and so much more! If you have some content (video/photo) which you'd like to share with my fansite, please send them me through email or submit them in a message.
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Loki’d Outtakes from MTV AFTER HOURS

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Some time ago Tom Hiddleston participated in a MTV After Hours special edition, where he was interviewed and performed a memorable skit called “LOKI’d”, which afterwards became the favorite quote used by all Hiddlestoners. Here are the exclusive behind the scenes with Tom Hiddleston at the MTV After Hours, some amazing and funny outtakes, plus exclusive HD 720p screencaps made by me! Enjoy!

To check out the photo click on the following link :
Interviews > Loki’d Outtakes from Mtv Afterhours

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5 Responses to “Loki’d Outtakes from MTV AFTER HOURS”

  1. chrissanthi Says:

    that was awesome you make my day for sure!!!you rock

  2. VipVictor Says:

    Always welcome, very happy to have made your day!

  3. chrissanthi Says:


  4. Natalie Says:

    I think you’re crazy Tom. Definetly. <3

  5. Vira Mora Says:

    That was hilariously enchanting! Never saw that side of his character. My husband is not gonna like my bigger crush on this guy XD I can’t help it though. He doesn’t have a big fan base for nothing.

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